(Newser) – Why is Facebook’s stock languishing well below its IPO asking price? Blame Mark Zuckerberg’s hoodie, says Michael Pachter. The Wedbush securities analyst was widely snickered at a couple weeks ago for complaining that Zuckerberg shouldn’t have worn the hoodie on Facebook’s “roadshow” for investors. Now, he says he’s been vindicated. No, it’s not responsible for all Facebook’s woes—”the flop is 100% a function of supply and demand”—but it didn’t help, either. “Had Mr. Zuckerberg worn a jacket instead of a hoodie (showing them that he respected them enough to ‘dress up’), he would have made a statement to them that he cares about their needs,” Pachter wrote in an email to Business Insider. “He chose not to make that statement, and the current share price demonstrates that investors have chosen not to support Facebook shares.” If Zuckerberg had worn a jacket, he muses, “perhaps more people would be stepping in to buy now.”

Yea. Sure. Thats what it was dude. Not the fact that Facebook is a complete question mark for the future. Not the fact that nobody really knows how they make money off of the 900 million users. Not the fact that Morgan Stanley revised all their revenue forecasts at the last second before the offering and only told certain people. None of those issues are what resulted in a shitty opening for Facebook. It was the fact that Mark Zuckerberg wore a hoodie.

Gimme a fuckin break dude. You made a big stink about his clothing like some sort of old business dinosaur and now you’re trying to vindicate yourself. Steve Jobs wore a goddam turtle neck everywhere he went, didn’t affect Apple one bit. Matter of fact lets take this one step further – Steve Jobs is fucking dead and it didn’t even affect Apple. Bottom line is, Zuckerberg could have slipped his dick into a banana hammock and if people thought facebook was gonna make them money, they would be buyers.

Zuckerberg’s whole shtick is that hoodie. Its his giant fuck you to all the suits of the world. Didn’t you watch the movie bro? He ain’t puttin on a suit anytime soon, and something tells me he and facebook will be A-OK when its all said and done.