VARA, Sweden, Oct. 19 (UPI)Police in Sweden said two robbery suspects were arrested thanks to DNA evidence from piles of feces left behind at the crime scene. Investigators said the two men, ages 26 and 36, tied up strawberry grower Elof Dahlen in his home near Vara in February and both men, as well as an accomplice, left piles of feces on the ground near where they had parked their getaway vehicle, Swedish news agency TT reported Wednesday. The robbers took $1,500 cash and $7,200 worth of tools from the home. Police said DNA evidence from the piles of excrement led to the arrests of the men, whose names were not released, and both confessed to the incident while being questioned in July. The suspects appeared Tuesday in Skaraborg District Court and were charged with crimes stemming from the incident.

Anybody read that idiot Kmarko’s blog from earlier today about the New Jersey Backseat Pooper? Basically this kid in Jersey was breaking into cars and shitting in the backseats.

I love this dude’s whole steez.  Just flat out original OG like a motherfucker.  Like how many carjackers can you have.  How many bank robbers.  How many shoplifters.  The whole market is flooded with cookie cutter criminals.  Pigeon holed into their niche with no outward mobility.  Well how many dudes do you know who break into parked cars and poop all over the back seat?  You ever heard of that one before?  I certainly haven’t.  Vehicle burglarizers who dump all over leather upholstery is an untapped enterprise.  I mean talk about a money calling card.  All the great ones leave their mark Harry.  We’re the backseat poop bandits! ~ Keith “I Love Poop” Markovich

Yea LOL Keith great calling card! Why would you NOT take a shit everywhere that you commit a crime? Oh wait maybe because they can just grab some DNA from your poop pile and you’re completely fucked. Idiot. Maybe you just wanna leave your blood, semen, hair samples and driver’s license at the crime scene too. You can be known as the Fingerprint Bandit who leaves all the key identifying evidence at the scene.