So what do you Yankees fans want now? The easy solution was after Game 2 was for all you idiots to start hootin and hollerin about dropping Arod or benching him altogether. Well what now you mutts? Why don’t you guys and Girardi open up your binder to the chapter that says “Its Not Just Arod, The Entire Lineup Stinks?” Does it even matter what the batting order is when Arod, Cano, Swisher and Granderson are all batting below the Mendoza Line? Maybe you should just bench all of them. Have the batting order be Jeter, Tex, Jeter, Tex, Jeter, Tex, Jeter, Tex, Jeter. Play with ghost runners like you used to do in the backyard when you were a kid. Hey its Game 5! Do or die! Gotta do what you gotta do!

Newsflash you dopes – every single game has essentially been 2-1, 3-2 with the exception of a big 9th inning in game 1. Nobody is hitting well. You think Buck is on the other side of things debating benching Chris Davis and Adam Jones? For sure not. This has been a well pitched series with a lot of slumping hitters. There’s no easy fix. There’s no magic button. The Ibanez pinch hit was an amazing stroke of luck and thats about it. Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t do anything – Nick Swisher should absolutely, 400% be benched for Raul tonight. He’s atrocious and watching him smile and laugh every single time he flies out should be punishable by death. If Girardi wanted to bench Arod and go Chavez, that wouldn’t be crazy at this point either. Arod is an automatic strike out at this point. But my point is that all these spoiled Yankees fans think that you should be able to press some button and automatically swap out bad players for good ones. They do it every off season and they do it on a nightly basis during the playoffs. There’s no quick fix when over half your lineup is playing like shit. You can’t open a binder or a wallet half way through the ALDS and fix all your problems.