When Michael Kay announced on the broadcast that Pettitte will miss 6 weeks, I literally got that same nauseating hot flash feeling that you get when you accidentally send a text talking shit about someone to the person you’re talking shit about. Room spinning, clammy hands, stomach doing somersaults- this is awful. Jack Curry just tweeted a staggering stat the Yankee rotation before Pettitte’s return was 15-12, 4.78 ERA, but after is 21-12, 3.46 ERA. 6 weeks for recovery translates into at least 2 months when you consider the second spring training Andy will have to complete before being big league ready. We’ll be lucky to have him back for the stretch playoff run. It’s really a shame too. Yankee fan or not, you have to respect the season he was having after a year off.

So what now? Do they call up Phelps? Give Freddy another chance in the rotation? Make a trade before the deadline? We’ll see what Cashman decides, but for now we have to let the dust settle from this horrific news before jumping to any conclusions. In the meantime, hopefully the Yankees can keep putting together this makeshift magic that they’ve been using to win all year.