It’s amazing how one play can so greatly fuck up an entire season. A couple months ago, when Andy took a comebacker off the ankle in a game against Cleveland off the bat of one of baseball’s most insignificant names, Casey Kotchman, we had no idea how detrimental the injury would prove to be. There are 3 things that I’ve consistently preached throughout the season, both on BSS and Twitter. 1. Newsroom changed da game. 2. Rick Ross has the best rapper noise with his fat guy getting up from a deep cushiony sofa “hauuuughhhfff.” 3. Sustained winning streaks are entirely dependent upon starting pitching. Offense comes and goes, but, for the most part, teams get on those month long hot streaks when you field a consistent rotation of guys trying to match or outperform the pitcher from the night before. So you wonder why the Yankees have been so up and down this year? Well, when you have a revolving DL of Sabathia, Nova, Pettitte, and Pineda, it’s kinda understandable. The team gets going, then stops, starts going again, stops, finally looks like they have some rhythm, stops. 2012 Yankee pitching has been like trying to jerk off with a shotty Internet connection.

But tonight in the Bronx, Andrew Eugene Pettitte will once again raise that black leather glove to the bridge of his nose and do what he can to propel the team into late October baseball. I for one will be at the stadium when those fucking horse legs jog out to the mound for the first time since late June and the stadium erupts. Who’s coming with me?

No shenanigans tonight- this is about winning and separating from the Orioles. No blonde hunting, no Meredith stalking, no smoke patrol. Maybe a little smoke patrol. Tweet @StoolPizzaBoy for some in-stadium camaraderie.