SAGINAW A Freeland High School student testified Thursday that he decided to “tell the truth” about teacher Marcie L. Rousseau having sex with him after coming to believe she was having sex with “everyone else,” including Freeland High assistant principal J. Barry Weldon Jr.  The student, testifying for almost an hour about five separate times he met Rousseau for sex, said he decided to report their affair “when I found out that she was screwing around with other people — Barry Weldon and I don’t know who else.” The student, who was one of four witnesses testifying Thursday, said Rousseau told him “that she loved me and wanted to be with me forever, and all kinds of stuff.” The teen said the teacher gave him her cell phone number around Easter 2009, and that they engaged in their first sexual encounter in May of that year, after Rousseau, driving her Chevrolet Malibu, picked him up about 11 p.m. on the road outside the youth’s home when his parents were away. The student testified his teacher then drove him to a spot near a horse trailer along North Brennan Road, near Hemlock, where the pair had sex several times in both the front and back seats of the Malibu. In a later encounter, the teenager said he jogged about six miles from his house to Rousseau’s Thomas Township home, where they had sex. The youth said he didn’t use a condom during their encounters because Rousseau told him “that she hadn’t had sex with anyone else other than her husband, and she said she couldn’t have kids and she didn’t have any diseases or anything.”

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