So, yet again, no one thought the Giants could win. No way they beat the powerhouse 49ers on their home turf. Not after they trounced the mighty Jets & Bills 79-3. No one can run against them – they hadn’t ceded a rushing TD at The Stick since 2010. No one’s gained 100 yards on the ground in 22 games. Oh, wait, Bradshaw just broke off 116 and a score. OK, well Alex Smith has finally met his potential. Without a pass rush, he’ll manage his squad to an easy W. What? Six sacks? Oh. Well, Smith’s tossed just one INT in his last 12 games, so…whoops – 3 today. But…but…the 49ers rush for almost 200 yards a game! NY can’t…ah, fuck! 73 yards today! Rogers is gonna salsa, not Cruz! SHIT!

Weren’t the 49ers pissed off? Didn’t Big Blue come into their living room wearing the rings SF was supposed to have? Gimmie a fucking break. The day the NFL can count the Giants out is they day everyone can admit “woulda, shoulda, coulda” doesn’t mean shit. You had your chance in the playoffs, Frisco. You lost. You had a shot at vengeance. This time, you got downright stomped. Keep looking for excuses to live in your fantasy land while the Giants keep racking up big win after big win. Let me guess…Brandon Jacobs will come out & say things would’ve been different if Jim Hardo-baugh let him play? Whatever. First in the East – see you all in the playoffs.