Source – “BREAKING NEWS: Rapper Eminem Has Become A BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN!!” announces a headline from MediaTakeOut, which is still struggling to unlock its caps key. Picking up on a report from the Christian Post, the blog says Eminem has “turned his life over to Christ,” and is “building a relationship with God and using that to help him spiritually, and with his addiction problems.” The webloid then quotes a supposed “source” who allegedly “witnessed the Detroit rapper’s transformation firsthand.” According to the purported “insider,” Eminem has removed himself “from the depths of the music industry,” and will “no longer be conforming to what the business expects of him.”


Well this is gonna suck. Get ready for a bunch of soft, pussy, Jesus-praising rap songs from your boy Slim Shady. Kinda went the other way there from all the swearing and talks of rape and murder and stuff. Now it’s gonna be God this and love-thy-neighbor that. Weak. Don’t think he’ll be rapping about killing his own mother anymore, that’s for sure. Kinda disappointing cause Em was always the dude that didn’t give a fuck, said whatever he wanted, didn’t conform to anything. And now you can catch him front row center at church laying down hymns.

Although this is just a rumor from the Christian Post so it could be entirely false. Let’s hope so. The last thing the music world needs is more people talking about God. Enough with that dude already. I’m so over him.

Here’s one of my favorite videos of Eminem being not Christian: