Huffington PostA man was admitted to a Bangkok hospital after an unlicensed olive oil injection meant to enlarge his penis caused an infection so horrible his testicles swelled to the size of the medium size fruit, the Bangkok Post reports. Six months ago, the 50 -year-old man, who is unnamed in reports, reportedly suffered a cut to his penis, but he refused to go the doctor until it became infected. When he finally went to the hospital, doctors discovered the man had cancer that required his penis to be amputated, the Post reported. “He was ashamed to visit a doctor, but the pain and the infection grew so he had no choice,” doctor Surat Kittisup-porn told the Post. Some, including Barstool Sports, are not so sure the olive oil injection is to blame for the man’s tragic condition:

Some dude gets olive oil injected in his c–k 5 years ago. For 4 and a half years he walks around with a perfectly fine, big old penis. Then 6 months ago he slices open his d–k and gets an infection and everything falls apart. Hey bro I don’t think it was the olive oil from ’07! Pretty sure your coconut d–k and your cancer are from injuring your d–k and letting it get infected.

Welp this has been a pretty big month for me as far as recognition as a blogger goes. I had the Daily News reference my twitter account @KFCbarstool as the representative of the true feelings of Mets and Jets fans. The New York Times recognized my influence in the world of fashion when I called Lonnie Quinn a hardo during Hurricane Sandy. And now today we see the Huffington Post giving me an entire block quote in wich I say cock once and dick twice. Finally after years of hard work – creating, trying to build the Barstool New York brand – I’m finally being recognized by my peers for my insight. KFC from Barstool Sports – diehard Mets and Jets fan, resident fashionisto, and the foremost authority on olive oil dick injections and their repercussions. Like Huff Po wanted to run their article about the dangers of injecting your boner with olive oil and they thought “Hmmm, we should probably consult with a supporter of olive oil cock injections to be fair and balanced.” Who popped in their head first? KFC, International Blogging Sensation.

PS – Yes, my mom and dad are very proud.