NY Times- Mark Teixeira, the Yankees injured first baseman, will miss the next 10 to 14 days after irritating a Grade 1 strain of his left calf Saturday. Teixeira had a magnetic resonance imaging test Monday that revealed the extent of the injury. If he were to miss two weeks he would only be available for the final nine games of the regular season. He originally injured his calf on Aug. 27, and missed 10 games. When he returned Saturday he was not 100 percent fit, but he said that he had to give it a try. It was a mistake because the calf tightened during the game and when he had to sprint to first base on the final play of the game he injured it more.

I don’t understand how this calf injury is so severe. I’m not trying to paint Teixeira as soft, but like 90% of the Yankee lineup has been gimping down to first for the entire season. Jeter’s running like right after you get up from a 20 minute shit and your legs are virtually paralyzed. A Rod looks like the tin man out there. Between Tex and Gardner though, these sneaky lingering injuries have been killing the lineup, which now becomes a lot shorter if this is a season-ender. The truth is, there is no way to actually replace Tex in the lineup for the playoff run. Not like he was on pace to mash 35 home runs this year or anything, but he’s still a big switch hitting bat in the middle of the order and a stud defender. I’m sure we’ll see a revolving door of replacements at first, especially with the expanded September roster, but if Teixeira isn’t ready to go for the playoffs, there really isn’t an answer in which I’m 100% confident. Swisher can move to first, and they’ll revisit the platoon of Andruw Jones and Ibanez in left, but with those guys engaged in an intense battle of offensive futility, I’m not sold. Guys are gonna have to step up. That’s all there is to it. This has been a season of devastating injury after devastating injury, yet the Yankees remain a game up in the division. It’s just a matter of who’s gonna get hot and carry the team into October in Teixeira’s absence. Sure would be nice to see Cano wipe the tears away from Melky’s downfall and remember that he has the smoothest stroke in the league.