Simms, August: “Here we were five years ago, before the Giants won their first Super Bowl, and all the talk that year was maybe the Giants need to bring another quarterback in and Tom Coughlin’s in trouble. Now they both absolutely one day will go in the Hall of Fame.”

Simms, yesterday: “No, he is not one of the elites. Because when I hear the word elite, I’m thinking about guys that can make unbelievable plays on the field by themselves. There are very few quarterbacks in that category. So yes, Eli has been a tremendous team player. He has been MVP of the Super Bowl twice. I know that. But the way I look at it, the answer is no.”

Here we go again. It was less than two months ago when fat Jason Whitlock proved he was nothing more than a chubbier, blacker Skip Bayless. Now Phil Simms hops on board the hypocritical train to kick a retard while he’s down. Losing 2 in a row for the first time in a calendar year is reason enough to write off a pair of improbable championships (where Eli was MVP for both) & another NFC East title in the past 5 seasons? And, if not for impossibly blowing a 21-point 4th quarter lead to Philly in 2010 (which Eli had zero to do with – 289/4 TD/1 INT), there’d be another playoff berth to include. Dropping one to the Bengals was atrocious, and Manning is absolutely to blame for it – but he’s slumping in the middle of a regular season that still finds his squad at the top of their division. Big fucking deal. Brady lost to AZ at home. Brees wasn’t elite in a loss to the Panthers. Big Ben couldn’t beat the Titans’ NFL-worst defense. All these morons knocking Eli down a few pegs now are not only the same people to praise him in the past, but will do so again before this season ends.

I’m not saying he’s the best quarterback in the league – but he’s got 2 rings, a resume of spectacular comebacks/road wins and is currently riding the 3rd-longest consecutive starts streak in the history of the NFL. Championships, the ability to win under any circumstances & durability. Those are the facts. He’s no Trent Dilfer, either – as he goes, so do the Giants. Is Eli better than Drew Brees? Probably not…but Brees has never won a road playoff game (0-3) and his stats are padded at home. Tom Brady? Well the dude’s been to 5 Super Bowls – but Eli’s 2-0 in the ultimate head-to-head while Brady is 1-4 in playoff games away from Gillette since Manning’s first full year (2005). Rodgers? Peyton? Elite in their own right – but Eli dismissed Rodgers last year, and let’s not forget big brother’s playoff shortcomings. He’s had some success, but he’s also got 5 one-and-dones. Big Ben did lead the Steelers to a Giants-esque Super Bowl crown in 2005 (3 road wins) for his first of 2 rings…but Eli’s done that twice. And don’t even start with Matt Ryan (might as well be Romo in the postseason) or RG3 (look at Cam Newton’s sophomore year). All the talent in the world is meaningless until it translates to titles. That’s just how the QB position works (unless you’re Dan Marino).

Has he been “elite” over the past couple weeks? No. Doofy, dumb & inconsistent at times? For sure. If you’re one of those who never agreed with his anointment, then I got no problem with your “I told you so”. But Phil Simms, Whitlock, and the rest of the talking heads in the midst of their convenient flip-flopping can lick me where I shit. If he’s a HOF’er, he’s an elite QB. End of argument.