Hardball TalkThat’s what Michael Salfino, a writer for the Wall Street Journal and Yahoo! Sports has to say:

As Salfino admits, he’s a writer, not a news-breaker. Still, while it’s entirely possible his source is incorrect, this isn’t a case of a writer making something up for publicity. That said, I still wouldn’t buy the idea that a David Wright extension can’t happen because the Mets have no money. An extension wouldn’t up Wright’s 2013 salary, and having Wright in the fold would likely make the team more attractive to a buyer should the Wilpons be forced to sell. But let’s assume the report is true. How stubborn must the Wilpons be? The fans want them gone and they could pretty much solve their personal financial problems by selling, yet they’ve been entirely content to drag the team down with them.

You know things are really bleak as a sports fan when the best news you’ve heard in a long time is that the owners of your baseball team are completely broke. I mean this is glorious news. I damn near jumped for joy. Which, again, I realize is pathetic. But when you’re a Mets and Jets fan you need to hold on the little things.

We’ve heard this for years now, so a few tweets from a Wall Street Journal writer is by no means evidence that this time its finally true. But, we all know the Wilpons have been in dire straits financially for years. And clearly nothing has occurred over the past few seasons to remedy that situation. They have gotta be broke. Its just impossible to imagine they aren’t. They paid up $300 million for the Madoff scandal. They’ve been operating at a loss for years. Taking loans to stay afloat. If it wasn’t for their butt buddy relationship with Bud Selig, they’d probably get this team taken away. The Jason Bay deferral makes more sense now – they are willing to save any amount of cash in any way they can. So I don’t wanna get my hopes up too much here – but eventually the “the Wilpons are broke” stories are going to have to come true. Its inevitable. Its absolutely going to happen one day. Lets hope that its finally here.