I still have plenty of confidence in Big Blue. They have a recent history of running hot & cold with no in-between. They just ran as cold as can be, so there’s no legit expectation of a trip to Baltimore resulting in a loss and potentially the nail in their coffin. Anyone who wants to say the Giants are overrated despite being defending champs with convincing blowouts of Frisco & Green Bay should take a look at the Ravens. Besides a hollow Week 3 W over the Pats, they’ve been another squad to take advantage of a weak schedule. They’ve lost their last 3 – one to Charlie Batch at home – and their prior wins have been over the Chargers, the Leftwich-led Steelers (by just 3), Oakland & Cleveland. Granted, I said the same shit about the Falcons last week and we all know how that ended up – which brings me to my point.

What IF they lose? I guess it could happen. If Ray Lewis does return, some Ravens’ lives might be on the line if they drop a 4th in a row. For me, the repercussions of a Giants loss are pretty heavy. It’s a little unrealistic to expect a Super Bowl every year, but following up a championship by missing the playoffs altogether despite a 6-2 start will just add fuel to the fire of haters everywhere. I’m gonna see some of those haters on Christmas. Strolling into a holiday dinner with everyone pointing, laughing, chirping “fluke” and “lucky” right off the bat could result in Christmas fisticuffs. Being additionally invested in my squad as a blogger, the wounds might be too fresh. I’m not saying I’d crane kick my aunt Carol in the box, but if she starts off with some bullshit on how the Giants are no better than the Jets, I’d certainly whip a Christmas cookie off her forehead before punching uncle Johnny in the teeth. Maybe I can’t lay a hand on my pregnant cousin Lisa, but if her husband wants to mix it up with some “retarded QB” comments I’ll show him retarded when I flip his son’s playpen & dent his head.

Or the Giants can just win and not ruin Christmas for my entire family.