OMG LOL the Jets twitter congratulated every team after every pick! OMG LOL Quinton Coples mom has more hair under her armpits than I do on my head! Typical Jets!

Blah blah blah. Don’t even know what the fuck that means. Got everyone tweeting and emailing me about how it can’t get any lower than the Jets tweeting every team after their pick. Kmarko blogging about it on the U like its so freakin funny. Hey kmarko the Jets have 365,000 followers. Fuckin Klout score of 70, son. They know what their doing in the social media scene. Don’t hate because they know how to engage fans of every team in the league on draft night. Pure genius.

And as far as Mrs. Coples and her armpit afro – good. You think I want some prim and proper mom up there? For sure not. Give me some bad ass bitch with dreadlocks under her arms. Fuck I’d prefer if he didn’t have a mother at all. Just a 6’6 285 pound parentless asshole whos mad at the world ready to rip motherfuckers heads off. You see this beast?

Anytime you got a chance to add a big ass black man with the Omega Psi Phi brand all over his arms you do it. Guy just screams “I can’t go anywhere in public with my mom without her pit hair grossing everyone out, brand me and lets play some fuckin football.” Seriously if you ask me I think this was just extensive research on Mr. T and the Jets part. Thats why they passed on Ingram – he isn’t branded and his mom has the new Skintimate Venus with the 5 blades.

As for the Giants, they were boring, as usual. No armpit hair and no funny twitter stuff. Just drafting players that will help them probably win another Super Bowl. BBBBORRRING! Scooped up David Wilson from Virginia Tech with the 32nd pick. Reese said he was their second highest rated running back behind Trent Richardson. Dude gained 990 yards last season after contact, best in the NCAA. And with Jacobs departing and Ahmad Bradshaw playing every down with reckless abandon this was probably a solid pick. But whatever it didn’t lend itself to any jokes or anything. Typical fucking loser Giants.