LOUISVILLE, Ky.An Army veteran is seeking $10 million from the federal government, accusing a Veterans Administration nurse of repeatedly put ice packs on his penis after surgery, causing frostbite and gangrene and ultimately leading to the organ’s partial amputation. Michael D. Nash of Louisville filed suit Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Louisville for what he calls medical malpractice. Nash, who served in the Army in 1968 and 1969, went to the VA hospital in Lexington for medically necessary surgery on his penis. Nash’s attorney, Larry Jones of Jones Ward law firm in Louisville, said that after the procedure a nurse packed Nash’s groin in ice for 19 hours. ”It basically caused frostbite on his penis, which eventually caused gangrene,” Jones said. “In addition to robbing someone of their manhood, they’ve robbed him of the simple ability to urinate just like every other person who lives in this world.” A message left for the Veterans Administration was not immediately returned Tuesday morning. Nash, 61, entered the VA hospital on Oct. 28, 2010, to have a penile implant and circumcision. A nurse applied ice packs to Nash’s groin to reduce pain and swelling. The problem arose when the medical staff allowed the ice packs to remain in place for about 19 hours. Jones described it as “non-stop ice replacement. Gangrene set it in within a few weeks, causing doctors to remove a five-inch section of Nash’s penis – a procedure for which he continues to receive medical care, Jones said. Nash will need reconstructive surgery that will allow him to urinate, Jones said.

Dude got a 5 inch “portion” of his dick removed? Jiminy fucking cricket bro! How big was this penile implant? If I had a 5 inch portion of my penis removed I’d be left with negative inches. I mean were they operating on a penis or carving an easter ham? You know when you just slice off a few inches of the edge because its a crust or a little fatty? Sounds like what they did with Mike Nash’s dick. Just go in there and trim out 5 inches of frostbite and he’ll still have 13 inches to work with.

Bottom line is though, if you put your penis under the knife, you know the risks you’re taking. If you’re willing to let someone slice open your penis, you deserve everything thats coming your way. Your job as a man on this earth is to protect that cock. Its the most important thing on this planet. Whether its 4 inches or 14 inches, its your dick piece. You should never let anyone chop your dick up, whether its a doctor or otherwise. And if you do decide to do it, assume the worst. Brace yourself for 19 straight hours of dick icing. Brace yourself for frost bitten balls. If you ain’t willing to endure that, just stick with what God gave you.

I guess the real lesson here is to factor in an additional 5 inches for your penile implant. You wanna have a 12 inch dick? Shoot for 17. After the gangrene and amputation you’ll net out to a foot long.