A Rod squirming like a porn star getting blasted in the face as a couple teammates pour champagne on him just seconds before screaming “Taste it!” 3 times… This should go over just fine. But by the off chance it doesn’t, I’m gonna do A Rod a solid and help him. You know that scene in 8 Mile when Eminem makes fun of himself, leaving Papa Doc standing there speechless, only to forfeit the final battle? Yeah I’m about to 8 Mile this video so hard. We need A Rod’s bat in the playoffs- no distractions, and that includes fucking internet trolls turning this into some Bukkake video. So everybody get your laughs out now at yet another inexplicable A Rod sound byte because after you finish reading this post, it just wont be funny anymore. The joke is dead. I gotchu A Rod.

P.S.- Everyone was doing retarded shit in that post game celebration last night. I think it’s safe to say Ivan Nova has aspergers after watching him in the background of the Cano interview. Zero stage presence. No idea how to handle the moment. Jumping up and down, making faces, and just straight up giggling like a 16 year old girl who just had her first Mike’s Hard. Aft like you’ve been there before, Ivan. Just an absolute shit show all around.