NASHVILLEAlex Rodriguez was playing late in the regular season and playoffs with a re-tear in his surgically repaired right hip, The Post has learned. Rodriguez is expected to need a second surgery in the coming days and will miss, at minimum, a piece of the 2013 season. Still, the hope is that the procedure will allow A-Rod to return as a full, successful player as early as the ’13 season and for the rest of a contract that takes him through the 2017 campaign. The expectation is that Rodriguez wants to play on, not retire. The surgery is expected to be performed in Colorado by Dr. Marc Philippon, who performed the initial surgery in 2009. Rodriguez came back from that operation to play well, driving in 100 runs in just 124 games and starring in a postseason that culminated with the Yankees’ only title during his tenure. Rodriguez is owed $113 million over the final five seasons of his 10-year, $275 million pact plus $30 million more in potential homer milestone bonuses.

Good contract huh? Got that one World Series title and now you just gotta pay about 120 million over the next 5 years to an aging mental midget who’s had surgery on both sides of his hips. Guy is just gonna be like a GI Joe for the rest of his career – his legs and his torso attached by a rubberband.

I think we can officially go ahead and call this the worst contract of all time. It probably already is. It probably was the day he signed it. Even including the 2009 World Series run he made, offering a dude upwards of 30 million a year into his early 40s is just plain bad business. Whats funny is that it seemed like everyone knew it at the time too. Like even Cashman and the Yankees were like “This is a bad idea.” They were basically bidding against themselves and let Arod and Boras just bend them over. Everyone just seems to assume it was the Steinbrenner boys that wanted him in Pinstripes when he broke all the home run records, but nonetheless it just seemed like seconds after inking the deal they regretted it. The Jason Bay Deal was basically 64 million for absolutely nothing, but it was only 4 years. Same thing with Carl Pavano. The Vernon Wells Deal was an insult to the game and the American Dollar, but the Blue Jays were still able to move that albatross. Hockey fans will say Rick Dipietro’s 15 year, 67 million dollar deal. Which was absolutely hilarious but 67 million is only like 2 years worth of Arod’s money.

Bottom line is the next 5 years of Arod’s career are going to be absolutely putrid. Not like a former MVP who hits 20 homers a year instead of the 45 he used to hit. He’s gonna be completely useless to the tune of $120 mil. Worst of all time.

PS – Obviously excluding Bobby Bonilla. Anytime you’re paying a dude thirty years after he retired you’re in a class all on your own.