Its kind of a bizarre stat or record or whatever you wanna call it. But bottom line is the company at the top of that list is pretty elite. Gehrig, Arod, Manny, Eddie Murray, Willie McCovey, Robin Ventura (should have 19) Jimmie Foxx, Tedd Williams, Hank Aaron. Not like the no hitters and 4 home runs in one game lists that have some weird flukes. You gotta be batting in the heart of the order and be batting in the heart of the order for a long goddamn time to put up those numbers. Gotta swing a big stick for a long, long time. Like I said its not like some amazing accolade but its nothing to turn your nose up at either. If only Arod wasn’t such a fucking cocksucker and former cheater, he’d probably be one of the most celebrated hitters ever.

More importantly, and unfortunately for people like myself, the Yankees are fucking rolling. They’re out of their funk, 8-2 in their last 10, and in sole possession of first place. Did they reach their turning point? Are they pedal to the metal from here on out? Are they young enough and healthy enough and do they have enough starting pitching to sustain it? Or is this just a hot streak to be followed by another slump of mediocre pitching and cross-your-fingers-for-a-3-run-home-run type of offense? The next month leading up to the All Star Break is gonna be very interesting, and very important for this squad.