Do these broads suck at getting famous or what? First things first, Kyna Treacy needs to ditch Katie Quinn. Katie is a 6 at best and she’s weighing her down. Its like Timberlake breaking away from Nsync and going solo. That “S” on the end of “Arod’s Ball GirlS” is killing her. Ditch the blond pig and be Kyna THE Arod Ball Girl.

Secondly, these bitches needed to strike while they iron was hot and the iron has gone fucking cold! Now granted the Yankees were only in the ALCS for a cup of coffee. But you gotta work fast when you’re blessed with unexpected fame. These chicks could have been in the process of making a Yankees ALCS sex tape but just didn’t get it done because Arod and company got swept out the door.

Which brings me to my thirds point – these broads should be making a sex tape. Get naked! Be sexy! Leak cell phone pics! At the very least just fuck Arod and hope he’ll be your sugar daddy. At the very, very least, tweet back at @KFCBarstool. Kyna Treacy could have like a million followers by now if she played her cards right. Instead @KiniBikini just sits there saying nothing. Hey girls you fucking suck at being super hot and getting hit on by megastars! I’ve watched a chick go from a tanning salon to super stardom babbling about her dogs on the internet. You’re a drop dead gorgeous Australian model with the most talked about athlete in the world wooing you. You’ve got about 2 minutes left on your 15 minutes of fame. At least take pictures of your butt and be a Barstool GTA.

PS – Who do you think was the 2nd unnamed Yankee? Like who is Arod’s wingman? Its probably like Nunez since nobody else like Arod. Arod just picked the biggest loser on the team and made him be friends with him.