YahooThough the recent spate of in-your-face jeans trends has made us re-think our standards about denim (floral jeans? whiskers? jeans shirts with jeans pants, a la the cowboy tuxedo ? We’re in!), every women has to draw the line somewhere. And that line is the Jean Sandal Boot. Made from vintage blue jeans by Israeli Etsy designer DaniKshoes, this unimaginably odd footwear is handmade, one-of-a-kind, and sports four useable pockets. On its website, DaniKShoes touts the Jean Sandal Boot as “fun that never goes unnoticed!” and is selling them for $140 a pop.

So its a big fashion day at Barstool. Big Cat wearing girly jeans. Debating the meaning of Skinny Jeans. So while we’re on the topic, I fucking need these Jean Flops. In this life, there are needs and there are wants. I want to get a blow job today. I fucking need these denim sandal boots. Best part is they only cost 140 bucks. Hey DaniKShoes did you forget a couple zeros? These are fucking flip flops with pockets for God’s sake. I’d drop 10 grand for these things. Pair these with my Chris Christie fleece and its game over. I’d be on the cover of Vogue in no time.