#2 Park Slope huh? All the yuppies in Brooklyn apparently trying to get their extra curricular fuck on. You’ve been married a couple years. Got a kid and both have jobs in Manhattan. Not ready to move to the burbs so you compromise and live in Park Slop. Spend all your free time pushing your kid around Brooklyn in a stroller dreaming about your days when you lived in the city getting wasted and fucking whoever you wanted. So you sign up for a little Ashley Madison to get your cheat on. Right? Hey I ain’t judging I just tell it like it is.

#3 Upper East Side doesn’t surprise me one bit considering everything from like 78th street and up is a goddam orgy. I’m surprised there’s even enough people married and signed up for a cheaters website. But I guess there’s that ritzy side to the UES which is probably trophy wives married to old men who are dying for some young dick. Rich dudes who are sick of their gold digging spouses so they need to fuck a girl they don’t totally despise.

And how about Howard Beach gettin in the mix. Buncha racist guidos sleepin around. Hate crimes and adultery, thats what Howard Beach does!