CRAZY ASS FUCKING WEIRD CHINA - The video is 4 minutes and 9 second long in total. In the video, several little white rabbits are locked in a metal cage in the corner. Then, an approximately 20-year-old young girl wearing white takes out a rabbit from the cage, first kissing it, then holding the little rabbit closely while facing the camera saying “hello”. Following, the girl lifts the little rabbit high and then suddenly throws the little rabbit onto the desk. After a little white, the young girl again holds the little rabbit closely, stroking it affectionately, then puts it into her pocket, walking and swaying back and forth, mumbling/singing. Afterward, the girl picks up a thick plate of glass, makes a face, and puts it on top of the little rabbit. Here, the little rabbit’s body is already a little deformed, its four limbs struggling. However, the little rabbits struggles doesn’t illicit any sympathy from the girl, and instead, she sits her entire body on the glass plate until the little rabbit is crushed flat, its body no longer moving. As the camera rotates, we discover that there are the bodies of two more little rabbits lying on the floor.

Either this video is fake or we need to attack China IMMEDIATELY. Because I dont think I can live in a world where crazians are doing shit like this.

I mean listen, I joke around about Asians a lot. I joke about their hentai porn and eating cats and dogs and how they don’t know how to ride the subway and how they stab themselves in the stomach to death if they get an A- on their tests, But crushing bunnies just takes it to a whole nother level that I don’t think is acceptable.  This makes the bitch who threw puppies in the river look like Mother Fucking Nature.  I really hope this is fake, but unfortunately I’m not an expert on what a real video of crushing rabbits would look like versus a fake one so I don’t know what to tell you folks. All I can tell you is that this website has a SHIT TON of pictures of Asian chicks doing some really really really fucked up shit to animals and there is something called “Crush Fetish” so this is sounding pretty real. The fact that there are over a billion of these rabbit crushing weirdos running around this planet is severely upsetting. I can stand for a lot of things, but I can’t stand for people who get their jollies off through stepping on animals with high heels. I’m not a card holding member of PETA but someone needs to step in and kill these Chinese bitches asap.

PS – I was thinking about just running this video with one line says “Well how else do you think they get the meat for your Chinese food?” but even I thought that was too mean.