GARFIELD, N.J. (CBSNewYork) –  A New Jersey family is taking on a classic toy, calling the marketing of the Easy Bake Oven “sexist.” That family has been inspired by their young son and his love of baking. Erica Boscio’s 4-year-old son Gavyn said he only wants two things for Christmas. “I want a dinosaur and [an] Easy bake oven,” he said. So Gavyn’s big sister McKenna, 13, wants him to have both, but wishes the oven was offered in a color other than purple. “Its girls coloration of purple and pink make it seem as though cooking is girly, which it is not by any means,” McKenna Pope told CBS 2′s Elise Finch. “I think he would be embarrassed to play with it when his friends or his cousins are over,” said Gavyn’s mom, Erica Boscio. The Easy Bake Oven first hit the market in 1963. Boys have never been featured in the commercials or on the box. McKenna Pope thinks it’s time for that to change. She started an online campaign at to get the Hasbro company to change its packaging. “I urge you to include males on your packaging and feature your product in less gender-specific colors,” she said. McKenna Pope’s online petition has 15,000 signatures and lots of real world support — especially from men in the culinary community.

Hey Gavyn guess what little man? Hate to break it to you but dinosaurs are fucking extinct. As a matter of fact there’s an outside shot God and Carl Everett made up dinosaurs all together and they never existed in the first place. So unless you got a mosquito trapped in amber you can pretty much scratch dinosaurs off your Christmas list.

I also have some more bad news – your sister McKenna is an asshole. McKenna your brother is stupid enough to think he’s gonna get a T Rex under the tree this year, you think he even understands the implications of pink and purple in relation to society’s gender norms? For sure not. The only idiots out there that care about colors and shit anymore are the gender neutral freaks. The people that want to raise kids with gender neutral names and make sure pink and blue don’t exist anymore and create a race of hermaphrodites and all that other wacky shit are just reinforcing the very stereotypes they are trying to eliminate. Guess what folks? Nobody cares if that little gayball Gavyn wants to bake cupcakes in his pink Easy Bake Oven with little Suzie down the block. This is 2012. He’ll probably grow up to be a power bottom and make some young man very happy and there’s nothing wrong with that. Just get the fuck out of my face with this gender neutral crusade based on colors and toy packaging. If the Easy Bake Oven was blue the little boys who want to sit at home and cook rather than play in the mud would still end up being girly. If the Super Soaker 50 was shaped like a giant penis I still would have played with it because it could spray up to 50 feet and was a great weapon during summertime water fights. Just quit trying to complicate things you lunatics.

PS – McKenna I hope the number 1 thing on your Christmas List is a haircut. I don’t care if you go to a girly salon or a manly barber shop just do something with that helmet.