The ChronicleTOOWOOMBA mother Kylie Steger’s appetite for fast food has been ruined by a rude surprise at the bottom of a burger box. Mrs Steger was irate after lifting up her Hungry Jack’s hamburger last Thursday to find a crude picture of a penis drawn on the inside of the box. She said grabbing a takeaway dinner for her husband and two children from the Alderley St outlet had been a regular habit. “Every week we get takeaway because we are always late with football and netball for the kids,” Mrs Steger said. “It is like a little treat.” Mrs Steger said the weekly dinner stop would now come to an end. “It literally made me sick,” she said. “If they have drawn that in there, what else have they done to my burger?” She said she was grateful the burger did not go to her children. “I’ll never buy another burger from there again.” She said the store had been notified of her complaint. A Hungry Jack’s spokesman said the company was treating the complaint “very seriously” and had launched an internal investigation to determine the facts.

Do you see that woman’s face right there? That face right there and that picture is exactly why people draw dicks on stuff. Like you’ll often here a mother or someone complain “Why would you even do that? Why do you feel the need to draw a dick on someones Big Mac box?” And the answer is this picture. Because you know when they open that box and pick up their burger and see that dick and balls they frown, it looks like they smelled a fart, and they think to themselves “Motherfucker someone drew a dick on my burger box.” Girls won’t get it. Moms and girlfriends and sisters will always think this is stupid. But to every dude who’s ever pulled a prank or drawn a dick on the chalkboard or on someone’s binder, this picture makes it all worth it. Its the same face people made in elementary school when they realized “Pen 15″ across the forearm looks like “Penis.” Its the face of victory. A simple little “gotcha” that can’t be duplicated.