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Source – A leading feminist writer has accused Taylor Swift and Katy Perry of killing feminism and throwing society back to the ‘demure girly-girl days of the white-bread 1950s’. Camille Paglia says that both singers have ‘insipid, bleached-out personas’ that hark back to the man-pleasing, pre-feminist era. In an article for The Hollywood Reporter, she wrote that as a result, many of today’s young women fail to realize the role their sexuality plays in society and ‘partying till you drop has gotten as harmless as a Rotary Club meeting’.  Paglia – who declared Madonna the future of feminism 20 years ago - compares both stars to the ‘trinity of blond oppressors’ Doris Day, Debbie Reynolds and Sandra Dee. Describing 22-year-old Swift – who earned $57 million this year – she said: ’Swift affects a “golly, gee whiz” persona of cultivated blandness and self-deprecation, which is completely at odds with her shrewd glam dress sense. She says that despite Perry being 28 years old, she is still ‘stuck in wide-eyed teen-queen mode’ especially after her 14-month marriage to Russell Brand. She explains that both Swift and Perry’s personas are completely at odds with their glamorous and overtly sexy guises. ’Katy Perry’s schizophrenia – good-girl mask over trash and flash – is a symptom of what has gone wrong,’ she writes.


Yeah kill it! Kill that feminism! Smash it good! Like hey ugly author bitch, you’re ugly and old. Shut up. You have nothing to offer the world except unwanted criticisms. If Taylor Swift and Katy Perry want to send us back to the “demure girl-girl days of the 1950′s” then get the fuck out of their way. Stop trying to ruin a perfectly good thing. See here’s what feminists don’t understand. Girls who party and dress skimpy and act slutty are just expressing their womanhood in the way they choose. Like this author chooses to express her womanhood by hating hot chicks and probably munching geriatric box. Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and any girly-girl choose to express their womanhood by sleeping around and flaunting their tits in guys faces. Being a girl means different things to different people. There’s no one correct way to be a chick. That’s the underlying problem with feminist cunts. They want every woman on the planet to conform to their beliefs.

Bottom line is that we live in the golden age of bitches right now. Tits and ass in our face all day. And there are some debbie-downer dikes out there who don’t like it and want chicks to never flaunt their sexiness or give blowjobs or get fucked doggy style. Well sorry sweetheart, but the age of sluts is upon us and the big titted bimbo’s reign will last 1000 years. Get used to it.