Pres takes a lot of shit.   Just the other day at BSNY staff meeting we made fun of him for like 45 minutes straight.  Even Scott got in on it and Scott is never allowed to speak at staff meetings.  But then all the sudden out of nowhere he busts out 4 of the hottest acts in music right now and gets them on the same stage for 3 massive concerts.   I’ve been on the phone with B.O.B and Kid Cudi and Wiz Khalifa’s people for months for an NY concert getting jerked around and ignored.  Pres snaps his fingers and boom, College Woodstock all set up.  Unreal.  So like I said me and KFC need to eat.  We’re starving here.   Buy some tickets.  Party with us.  Listen to good music.  Bang all of Posner’s groupie overflow.   Help us, help you.

Sept. 25: UMASS (Posner – Wale – White Panda)

Oct. 7: Manchester (Posner – Chiddy Bang – White Panda)

Oct. 9:  Providence (Posner – Chiddy Bang  – White Panda)