This video pretty much sums up the Yankees’ last couple weeks of focus and performance.

You know that feeling when you’re at the bar, putting in solid work on the brunette early in the night? Here you are thinking you have a guaranteed smash, so you turn the burners off, figuring you can coast until you leave. You’ve already shut down the give-a-shit machine, as your reactions to her stories about periods or whatever have gone from “No way, really? Your boss sounds like such a dick” to “Uh huh” and “Wow.” Out of nowhere, some suave ass motherfucker (me) strolls into the bar and starts ordering top-shelf liquor, spraying his seduction all over everybody’s faces and tits. Fuck… time to turn it back on. Well, the Orioles just busted into the bar looking like Ryan Gosling and that division title pussy is no longer a sure-thing.

Remember a couple weeks ago when the Yankees had that nice 10 game cushion in the East and everyone was proclaiming them division winners? Popping mid-summer, division clinching, celebratory champagne and lighting up stogies as if it were the last scene of a Boston Legal episode? Yeah… that was nice… we had some laughs. It was a good time. So what the fuck is going on right now? 4.5 games. The lead is down to 4.5 games… That be some NL East bullshit right there. This is the Yankees. The dog days of summer are when they traditionally rip off a string of 17 out of 20 or 28 out of 34. They don’t lose 12 of 18. Everything was locked up just a few short weeks ago. But now all those raised glass, silent head nods of “congratulations” across the crowded party have come to an abrupt end. Yankees just got unexpectedly summoned back to work like the Newsroom crew in Sunday’s episode.┬áSo why is this happening? Maybe it’s the fact that the team has no idea how to manufacture runs. 8 of the 12 losses have been by 1 run and 10 of them have been by 2 or less. That’s a pretty clear indication of an inability to move runners over and make productive outs. Maybe it’s Ivan Nova thinking about dandelions and unicorns while he’s supposed to be doing his job. I don’t know. What I do know is that nothing is locked up and nothing is guaranteed. If the Yankees want the division, they’re gonna have to get their shit together. That second wildcard spot is for teams like the A’s… Get outta here with that shit.