P.S.- While I think the Orioles are a tougher matchup than the Rangers because of the intangibles they have going for them, the Yankees are still a far superior team on paper. Play this series 10 times and the Yankees should win 7 of them, but that’s not how sports work, and that’s especially not how 5 game series work. Especially not a 5 game series that inexplicably has the team with “home field advantage” starting with two games on the road. Gotta win at least 1 in Baltimore. If CC wins game 1, I’d like to see Joe hold off on Pettitte til game 3 where switch hitters can get turned around to the large part of the park, but at the same time, Kuroda is much better at home. Lots of questions here, but tonight answered the first one, and now we know who the opponent is. On that note, someone keep an eye on Hamilton. Some local Arlington bar is about to get some great publicity when Josh’s 12th relapse goes viral.