NY PostHe’s truly a “Jackass” — or worse, a really sick puppy. Bam Margera, of MTV and “Jackass” fame, found a new and offensive way to shock, by tweeting a picture of himself threatening to shoot his small dog. The Pennsylvania resident Margera held what appeared to be a gun at pit bull puppy Penny’s head, with an in-picture caption: “Penny pooped in my bed. Not too fond of that. If it happens again, Penny goes Bye Byes.” Margera insisted he loves animals and would never actually harm a four-legged pal. The gun used the picture was fake, he insisted. ”I feel like every follower I have on Twitter [ more than 800,000] knows my `Jackass’ joking kind of humor,” Margera said in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer.  Margera said he’s well aware of resident, shocking cases of animal cruelty near his Chester County home. He posted the controversial puppy picture last Wednesday. A day later, Margera posted a similar photo, this time holding a gun to a friend’s head. ”I think those people need to go down,” said Margera, who also has eight cats to go along with his 8-month-old puppy Penny. “Just hurting another animal is rude, crude, and more.”

How stupid are people who don’t understand you can’t fuck with dogs? You just can’t do it. Now I myself am a dog lover. But even if you’re not, you gotta at least have the basic understanding this day and age that you fuck with dogs and you’re done. Doesn’t matter if you’re in PETA or you hunt for fun, you gotta know dogs are untouchable. You can bounce back from drugs and domestic violence quicker than you can from joking about dog abuse. You can legitimately kill a human and catch less heat than you will for messing with canines. Donte Stallworth went to jail for 3 weeks for killing a human drunk driving. Mike Vick went to jail for 2 years. The NYPD shoots and kills a person one day, people are taking pictures of the blood stain on the street. Shoot a dog a week later and the city goes insane. Post a twitter picture messing with Penny the pup trying to get some laughs and the world immediately hates your guts. I mean don’t get me wrong the world hates Bam Margera’s guts because he’s just a colossal douche but the dog thing just puts it over the top.