Daily Mail - The holiday snap comes a few days after the model was in Barcelona, where she was supporting the football team during their match against Real Madrid. Beautiful Bar has attended a number of matches at the club’s Nou Camp stadium in recent months and as she does with everything in her life, she’s tweeted pictures. It seems that not everyone is delighted with the snaps she’s been taking though, which have included Shakira’s boyfriend Gerard Pique.  Earlier this week a picture she posted of herself with the team captain Xavi Hernández, who she describes as like ‘a little brother’, seemed to rile up one of the team player’s girlfriends. Lebanese model Daniella Semaan,who is dating Cesc Fabregas, took to Twitter to have a  dig at Maxim magazine’s sexiest woman of 2012. She wrote: ‘The obsession with some models with certain players is starting to get ridiculous. Have a bit of respect, please!’ The comment, clearly directed at Bar, was immediately retweeted by Julia Vigas, the girlfriend of Thiago, who is also on the team.

Bitches are such haters. Like these WAGs are dating European soccer players. At any given moment a Euro soccer player has his face buried in a pile of cocaine or a pile of stripper pussy. That seems to be no problem. Gang bang orgies, knock your socks off. Tweet a harmless picture of a model? Kill the bitch with fire. Just the eternal struggle between broads for female dominance. These chicks are used to being the hottest thing on the block and as soon as a 12 out of 10 like Bar steps on the scene they realized they’re just another whore. Notice how Shakira doesn’t give a shit who takes pictures with her husband? Because she can go toe to toe with Bar. Ain’t threatened. But some 2-bit  Maxim model realizes they are dating a professional athlete and are completely replaceable and all the sudden thats Bar being disrespectful. Skanks.

At the same time, as a guy, you know you’re stirring up the pot when you’re married and taking pictures with a super model. You know how many times I get in trouble for taking a picture with some random chick who reads Barstool and its all up in my timeline? Like twice. But both times my girl was pissed. If I was instagramming shots with Bar Refaeli she’d probably set me on fire.