You think Chris Christie doesn’t know he’s fat?? You think he doesn’t know he’s shaped like a Weeble Wobble?? You think he doesnt know he wear his pants up around his tits?? For sure not. Guy is fat as fuck and still gets the job done. In my book he gets extra points for that. Its like he is so dedicated he over comes the obstacle of being atrociously overweight. Can you imagine if The Big Man got down to fighting weight? Trade in the Governor Fleece for a Governor tank top or something and just shred up American politics probably. As it is now, he’s morbidly obese and he’s still one of the top dogs. Plus do people really think Chris Christie is so fat he’s gonna die any minute? Like he really wouldn’t be able to be President because he’s enormous and on the verge of going to the hospital all the time? I can understand if you just don’t want your president to be a tub or lard or you think the American public just won’t vote for him. But spare me the “health concerns” route. You just don’t like fat people.

PS – Can you imagine the uproar if this was said about a female politician? If anyone ever said a chick was too fat to be President it would absolutely be the end of the world. Feminists and moms and everyone would go berserk. But its the Fat Man from Jersey so its ok to say he’s too fat to do something. Bullshit double standard.