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Introducing Alicia from Rutgers. Um does Rutgers do anything except manufacture hot girls? They were 4 for 4 last week and now we’re kicking off this week with another knockout. I just have a feeling like this could be an unprecedented run of Smokeshows from the same school like we’ve never seen before. What’s the record? At this rate it’s gonna get shattered. Not to mention Alicia is the first smoke that I’ve ever posted so I feel like we have an unspoken bond. You don’t forget moments like this.

Anyway, Fucking Foam is rolling into Trenton on October 25th to drown the Sun National Center in suds and sex. You know who’s gonna be there. You know what the fuck it’s about. Get on board or regret it forever.

Thursday October 25th – Trenton NJ, Sun National Bank Center (Buy Tickets)