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Introducing Ashley from LIU. The Barstool Blackout is about to hit its stride. About to go on about a 15 day stretch and blow the fuck up. Like Jeremy Lin shit. Starts tomorrow in Maryland. The Nation’s capital Thursday night. Friday night Delaware for the first ever Blackout Foam Party. Saturday night at Starland Ballroom in New Jersey for Rutgers. Next week is the Monmouth stops at the Stone Pony, back up to Marist (which the Dream Team said was their livest crowd of the whole tour) and finishing up on March 3rd at the Paramount Theater on Long Island with smokes like Ashley. Its an 8 show stretch where boys become men. Stars become legends. Where people will finally realize the Blackout is more than just a fun party tour and its nationwide force that will eventually go coast to coast. The eastern seaboard may never be the same.

Only problem is fucking Monmouth is ruining the whole stretch with their first show smack in the middle. I called them out incessantly last week explaining how all of Barstool has basically lost faith in them, but now this is serious. Dante and the Dream Team are about to rattle off the 8 best shows of the tour and you amateurs at Monmouth are completely fucking everything up but not selling out that 2/29 show. Please just step up and get the job done. The whole Blackout Tour is depending on you.

2/29 – Monmouth – Stone Pony (Tickets on Sale Now)