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Introducing Margarita from Marist. You know what I always wondered? How come theres no chicks out there named Martini? You see a girl names Margarita and you don’t blink an eye. How come there’s no Italian chicks out there named like Martini Santorino or something?

Anyway, Margarita is gearing up for Halloween Weekend, Blackout Style. Tonight is Trenton FOAM, tomorrow night we roll through Poughkeepsie. Last year the Marist Blackouts were two of the biggest surprises of the tour – The Red Foxes go HARD. So a Friday night Fckin FOAM session should be absolutely absurd. Finishing off the run is Rochester FOAM this Saturday. Back to back to back nights of insanity.

Trenton FOAM is tonight

Marist FOAM tomorrow

Rochester FOAM Saturday

What a DOOZY of a lineup.

Barstool Blackout – Fckin Foam – Providence from Barstool Blackout Tour on Vimeo.