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Introducing Shana from University of Tampa via New Jersey. So as I mentioned in my Call To Action blog about New Jersey landing another Blackout show, I mentioned how there are certain schools we go to that rage so hard because they have a large population of Jersey kids. Well Tampa is one of those places. Got smokeshows like Shana and kids who party like its their jobs who head south from Dirty Jerz to go to school in the sun. Shana and the rest of UT will have a blast at their Blackout, no doubt about it. Its just a matter of if Shana and the rest of Jersey want Fckin Foam on their home turf. Right now the Sun National Bank Center in Trenton is the only venue in Jersey that has the balls to host Barstool again. Everyone else has banned us because the Blackout Tour is so much to handle. If Shana and the rest of Jersey want the Blackout Tour to come through NJ once again, they gotta show it. Head over the the Barstool Blackout Trenton Fan Page. Like it and post it on your wall and tweet it to your followers. If we get 1,000 Likes, we’ll be convinced theres enough interest in Trenton to book another show. We got a measly 300 last night. Lets blow this page up and show El Pres and the rest of the country that New Jersey is undoubtedly the All Stars of The Blackout Tour.

Click here to join the Barstool Blackout Trenton Page – 1000 Likes and we’ll do it