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Introducing Stephanie from Nanuet. So we’re right in the thick of things for the Fall semester of the Blackout Tour, which means its times to kick it into high gear. Over here at the Stool we wanna make sure every event is as hyped up and as big a shit show as possible so we’re providing a couple new contests for our next shows.

For the Buffalo Foam show: Girls - we’re running a photo contest starting tonight.  Send us your best group shot of you and your friends and if we pick yours everyone in the picture will get free tickets to the show.  Get creative with it, like these girls:

Buffalo dudes – create a facebook event and invite your whole network. Include link to the ticket sales and some of the best Foam pictures and if you stir up enough attention you and your crew gets free tickets.

This applies to all our shows. Anybody from any of the local schools near our show who want free tickets, start promoting on your facebook and we’ll hook you up. Here’s the complete list of available shows: