So heres the deal. Good news and bad news. The good news is that our New Jersey shows have been by far the most out of control Blackouts and Foam parties we’ve had. Even schools that aren’t in Jersey but are just nearby or have a lot of Jersey kids seem to be the next level of insanity.

The bad news is that it’s not easy to find places to do foam.  The only option we got is The Sun National Bank Center in Trenton. All of our NYC venues and every other spot we’ve done in NJ won’t do foam. Starland, AC. All of them wussed out. I know some people don’t believe us when we say Barstool goes had and Jersey goes even harder, but we’re ain’t lyin. People are afraid to do round 2. So here’s the big question – is there enough interest in another show in Trenton? We kinda fucked up last time and Fckin Foam at Trenton was on a Thursday in the middle of finals. This time we’ll pick a Friday or Saturday night in March or April and make sure people can come from far and wide. We realize it ain’t exactly the most ideal location but, its either Fckin Foam at Trenton or basically no New York or New Jersey shows.

As of right now this is the only show we’re unsure of for the spring semester. Everywhere else is booked. Pres wants to see proof that there’s enough interest from Jersey people willing to head to Trenton in the spring. So, head over to the Facebook invite page and join. Invite your friends, post to your facebook walls, tweet it out to your followers. If you get enough people showing interest, we’ll run it back again. Its in your hands, Jersey. You decide your own fate. Either step up and make Trenton happen or the Blackout Tour rolls through the rest of the country without you. It’s Trenton or bust

Click here to join the Barstool Blackout Trenton Page – 1000 Likes and we’ll do it