Friday June 22nd at Saloon we’re gonna have assless chaps, cowgirls, bullrides and booze. What more do you need on a hot summer night? Sometimes I wonder why Saloon even does these theme parties because every Friday and Saturday night the scene there is unreal. They have easily the biggest bar with the best music on the Upper East Side. Every single weekend night is like a goddam mini Blackout. They could just open the doors and the place would be rockin.

But they like to go above and beyond. They wanna roll in a mechanical bull and offer $250 to the sexiest ride on the bull. They want to offer cash prizes for the chicks in the best cowgirl costumes. They wanna offer a $40 open bar from 8-11 or 9-12. They wanna get everyone shit faced and everyone laid while putting together a memorable night. Thats right in Barstool’s wheelhouse.

So as I’ve been saying all month, if you wanna get down with the hoes, come to the Barstool Hoedown.

When: Friday June 22nd. 8pm

Where: Saloon, 84th and York

Details: $40 open bar, $250 prize for sexiest bullride