Sifted through about 200 messages today. 150 are people who just hang up once the voicemail picks up. The fuck did you expect? Thought I was gonna be on the other end of the line? Ready to have phone sex or some shit? No, its just a place for you to leave a message. Dont call if you ain’t gonna talk.

Then I got about 45 dudes just calling me faggot repeatedly. Which is fine. I expected it. But it kinda defeats the purpose of trying to be funny and getting aired on the Stool if you don’t say anything clever or funny at all. I got a couple calls with some good sports would you rathers. An absurd Would You Rather involving Arnold Schwarzenegger and Hillary Clinton. One good MFK about womens underwear. One dude challenged me to a fight at Rathbones. Another dude was distressed his girlfriend no longer blows him. So keep that kinda shit coming. I expect as the weekend goes on and people have more stories the quality content will pick up.

Call (646) 80-STOOL. Best Stoolie voicemail question/comments/jokes will get aired on the Stool.