So I’d say all in all, the first Barstool Voicemail Podcast was a huge hit. I kept it short and sweet to test the waters and I think you guys liked it. For round 2 I went a little bit longer. I took some more voicemails, gave some more commentary, and this time you’re hearing me react to each voicemail for the first time. My brother who produces these things put together a playlist, so I had never heard them until we started. Nothing is rehearsed this was all done in one take. For better or worse. I also tried to mix in some video so you could watch me in action. The question now is where do I take this. I’m asking Stoolies for some feedback.

Here are my main concerns – 1) Is the video worth it? My gut tells me that people aren’t really inclined to sit there and watch a 20 minute youtube video. But a 20 minute podcast thats on in the background as they are messing around on excel or surfing the web is a different story. So, do I do audio, video or provide both?

2) Do I do 1 long podcast like once a week, or maybe like 1 mini one per day? Say instead of a 15 minute weekly thing, 5 three minute ones per day as a recurring feature?

3) Is it better to see/hear my genuine reactions hearing the voicemails for the first time? Or is it better if I’ve picked them and kinda rehearsed. I think there was some good moments where you really saw me truly laugh or get grossed out or confused, but I also think there were some that I would have weeded out or I could have probably thought of some better jokes and commentary had I heard them first.

4) Would you rather hear more voicemails or less? Quality vs quantity sort of thing. We’re getting a lot more callers but 90% of it is 3+ minute rants that suck.

Thats really it. Its a work in progress, for sure. I’m hoping to work in some guests around the Barstool network, maybe pick a specific topic to talk about for one of them in the future. I’m gonna basically try all different sorts of angles till we get it right. Give me some feedback to point me in the right direction.

Call 646-80-STOOL, or for you idiots who called up this time to complain, 646-807-8665. Leave a short funny voicemail for me and make it on to the Barstool Podcast. Would you rather’s are fun, but don’t forget about mixing in some MFKs, sports talk, ask me to rank and list things from best to worst. All the stuff you like seeing on the blog, lets do it through audio/video.