I typed “mass chaos” into google and got this picture. Wasn’t gonna use it until I realized the one woman who looks like she’s throwing up on herself. No idea what’s going here but I love it, and I can only assume the picture was taken today at 6:30

This is like a a much, much, MUCH lesser version of Knicks game 5/OJ Simpson chase in 1994. Alright it’s not even close to that, but for about an hour today, the Internet was buzzing about 2 stories at same time. Humber’s perfect game, which was made possible by the home plate ump pulling a reverse Jim Joyce and calling Brendan Ryan out on a very questionable check swing, and the Yankees going from blown out to blowing out.

First of all, congratulations are in order for Phillip Humber. He took a no hitter late into a game last year against the Yankees and finally closed the deal today. But let’s get back to those Yankees. Those Yankees, who were down 9-0 at 6 o’clock. Those Yankees that seemed like they were going to have to field a lot of questions in the clubhouse about Freddy Garcia’s 3rd abysmal start in a row. But no; a hit here, an error there, a switch in national coverage to another FOX station and low and behold, the Yankees are down 9-5 after a Swisher grand slam. By the way, for as much as I love to knock Swisher, he has been very clutch this year, and he leads the AL in RBI. Teixeira goes Yahtzee for the second time, Swisher comes through again in the 8th, and all of a sudden, Yankees are up 15-9. this was one of the quickest and most enjoyable turnarounds I have ever seen in a Yankee game. Reminds me of a game several years ago that Randy Johnson started against the Rays. If my memory is correct, I believe the Yanks went down 10-2 early, only to score 13 in the 8th to win in a blowout.

Good stuff all around up in Boston today. Yanks win, Sox demoralized, and dammit if those 100 year-old walls at Fenway can’t still echo the  anti-Bobby Valentine chants we heard this afternoon. Everybody happy! Except Joe Buck and Tim McCarver.