CHICAGO After nearly six months of debate, college football is on the verge of getting the playoff fans have been demanding for years. The commissioners from every major Bowl Championship Series conference and Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick announced Wednesday that they have “developed a consensus on a four-team seeded playoff” beginning in the 2014-15 season, signaling an end to the BCS system that has determined college football’s national champion since 1998. Though many of the details involved with this new postseason model remain unresolved , the commissioners will present their recommendation to a committee of university presidents that is scheduled to meet in Washington next Tuesday. The 12-member BCS presidential oversight committee, chaired by Virginia Tech President Charles Steger, still must approve the four-team playoff before it goes into effect.

Fucking finally. I don’t think there was anything else in sports quite like the stubbornness of college football and the BCS. Its a system that pretty much nobody liked, except for the 2 programs at the end of the year playing for the title. The moment it started everyone hated it, and somehow its lasted 15 years. It was like when they finally decided to remove tags from undershirts. Not one fucking person on the planet earth liked tags itching the back of your neck. They finally got rid of them and just started printing them on the fabric and the whole world was like “Why wasn’t it always like this?”

Thats what its gonna be like when this switch is made. I mean, sure, when you really break down the pros and cons and seriously debate the two different processes, you can make an argument for the current system. But on the surface, when every single year we have Sportscenter, PTI, Around the Horn and First Take debates about “whether the current system is working,” the simple answer is that its not. If you’re constantly asking that question, it fucking sucks.  Generally speaking, in terms of casual college football fans all across the country, there’s no denying that a playoff system incorporating more contenders for the national title is a better, more interesting way to determine a champion.

Naturally the new argument is gonna be regarding the #5 and #6 seeds that get left out, but the further back you can push that problem, the better. No system is ever gonna be considered perfect – there’s still gonna be teams that are crying that they were the 97th and 98th seed in college basketball when their new system is implemented. But bottom line this is the first step towards putting an end to a computer system ending your season and letting it play out on the field.