(Newser) – Ingredients for a memorable prom: a drop-dead dress, special corsage, romantic dances, and … condoms. The condoms will be courtesy of Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant Preparatory High School, which will offer 500 of the party treats, free, at next month’s dance. “As they leave the prom, they are welcome to it,” school principal Darryl Rascoe tells MSNBC. “We are not forcing it on anybody, but we want them to have that option.” No surprise, the move is not a hit with everyone. “We are concerned that the distribution of condoms on school campuses further normalizes teen sex,” said a spokesman for a national sexual abstinence program. Many New York high schools provide free condoms when requested by students. But the prom idea came from the company NV Healthcare, which offered its NuVo brand condoms free to several schools. So far, Brooklyn Prep is the only school to accept the offer. Rascoe said he wants his 130 students to be thinking about college, not raising babies just now. Getting pregnant as a teen is “self-sabotage. It makes it more difficult to move forward and life becomes a struggle,” he said.

Well looks like we’re 2 for 2 with blogs about people living in the real world, huh? Chris Christie realizes people are always gonna find a way to gamble so it might as well be legalized and capitalized on, and this Bed-Stuy Prep School realizes kids are always gonna fuck at the prom so you might as well hand out cock socks. I love this spokesman saying handing out condoms “Normalizes teen sex.” Newsflash bro, fucking life normalizes teen sex. Teen sex is just straight up normal. There’s about 50 TV shows and movies about teenage vampires who fuck. There’s a TV called “Teen Mom” for God’s sake. Might as well be called “Teen’s Who Have Sex.” Bottom line is this – if you’re a teen and you’re not banging then you’re not normal. Plain and simple. And if there’s one thing most kids desperately wanna be, its normal.

So its gonna happen no matter what. All you can do is A) Pass out condoms to be safe or B) Convince teen girls that they should just give blow jobs. I’m fine with either solution.