Gizmodo - A self-proclaimed Meat Geek has teamed up with Oklahoma State University to devise the first new style of steak in years. “The Vegas Strip Steak is the latest and perhaps last steak to be found from the beef carcass,” said Jacob Nelson, a value-added meat processing specialist (and owner of the best job title of all time) at the Robert M. Kerr Food & Agricultural Products Center of Oklahoma State University. The Vegas Strip is the brainchild of Tony Mata, of industry group Mata & Associates, who approached Nelson and the FAPC for help developing the cut. “Initially, the cut was labeled as undervalued,” Mata told the Drovers Cattle Network. “Whenever we can take a muscle and turn it into a steak rather than grinding it or selling it as a roast, we are adding value to the carcass.” The steak itself weighs in at about 14 ounces and can be portioned out as small as 4 ounces. The taste, tenderness, and flavor are reportedly akin to a New York Strip or Flat Iron cut. “The tenderness of the Vegas Strip Steak is comparable to the New York Strip Steak,” said Mata. “It does not require aging or marinating to achieve tenderness and its visual appeal enhances the steak eater’s overall enjoyment.” Mata and Gresh have yet to reveal where, exactly, the cut comes from but they’ve already lined up national suppliers so we should be getting a taste of Vegas at the local butcher shop soon.

A new steak! Its a science miracle! This is like when they discover a new planet in our solar system or some shit. Sitting there right in front of our eyes the whole time and we just didn’t know it existed. The Vegas Strip Steak. The Final Frontier of the beef carcass. I feel like the Vegas Strip Steak is like Bert Blyleven finally making the Hall of Fame. After years and years and years the Vegas Strip Steak finally joins the exclusive club. Like Sandy Koufax is the filet and Cy Young is the sirloin, and now, Bert Blyleven, the Vegas Strip Steak made from the muscle of cattle, is officially declared a steak and can join his peers in the Hall.

I’ll give it a whirl. If I’m sitting down to a real steak dinner, I am exclusively a filet mignon kind of guy. Meaning if I’m at a steakhouse or I am going somewhere specifically for steak. There’s just nothing that lives up to the tenderness and taste of a filet. If I’m at an ordinary restaurant or a more casual place, I can get down with a strip steak. My family ate London Broil my whole life growing up, so I got a place in my heart for that steak too. But I’m down for to try some Vegas Strip Steak. That description actually didn’t sound so appealing – sounds like its muscle that should be ground up but somehow they turned it into a steak. But short of inventing a whole new genre of alcohol or a whole new version of the donut, a brand new steak is big news for me.

PS – Being a steak specialist has gotta be an absolutely tremendous job. Like brewing beer but with steak instead.