The Champion: 19 Year Old Australian model/instagram wonder Jess Green

Challenger: No name model with the perfect butt, Leanna Bartlett

I fucking love this Best of the Best shit. Week in and week out we’ve got BANGERS going up against each other. Like I never thought Jess Green was ever going to lose after seeing her pictures last week. But here we are on another Friday with another smokestack with an ass from heaven that is gonna challenge her for the crown. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the internet from being a Barstool blogger its this: there will never ever be a shortage of smut or asses. We can do this literally until the end of time.

So whats it gonna be? A back-to-back repeat for Jess Green? Or does Leanna Bartlett take the belt? Time to vote

Vote 1 for Champion Jess Green Vote 10 for Challenger Leanna Bartlett

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