was at the yanks game yesterday for a nice day booze and saw this guy roaming around in the bleachers. had a nice stack of souvenir beer cups going as well. just wanted to know what you guys thought of it and how cool this guy must think it is.



Around the 8th inning this guy came in between sections 201-202 in the bleachers at Yankee Stadium today and began to start playing 10th outfielder for the Yankees. Even on a high fly ball to Granderson, he retreated up the steps as if fielding the ball the same way Granderson did. Thought he was crazy, and you never want a crazy person to catch you video taping them. Turns out the guy just loved his Yankees. Mid-inning he even turns down an autograph seeker because of his focus on his defense. At the end of the inning he came down and gave us all high fives as if entering the dugout. He then ran up the steps and wasn’t seen until the Yanks were back in the field.

Well obviously from my last post I’m bitter and defeated which means its time to flip the switch and start hating on the Yankees and their dickhead fans. Ordinarily if I find out someone is sporting a Michael Kay shirt, even if they are trying to be funny, that guy is going to instantaneously be branded the biggest Yankee Fan Douche of the Day. But, not so fast my friends. Not today. Today the stars aligned for Yankee Douches and we’ve got this cat in full uniform pretending to play the outfield. Words cannot describe how big of a dickhead this guy is. I mean I think any fan over the age of 10 who brings a glove for foul balls needs to kill themselves. This dude here takes it to a whole nother level. God I fucking hate these people.

Time to vote:

Vote 1 for guy with the Michael Kay shirt is the biggest douche, Vote 10 for the idiot dressed in full uniform pretending to play the outfield is the biggest douche Vote Infinity if the dick who asks for that guy’s fucking autograph blows them both out of the goddam water.

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