GallupMaybe it’s the weather, even with the relatively mild winter. Maybe it’s the region’s long-term economic woes. Maybe it’s fallout from last year’s flood that left some people and businesses struggling to rebuild or relocate. Whatever the factors, the Gallup polling organization says we’re one pessimistic bunch. Residents of the Binghamton metropolitan area, which covers Broome and Tioga counties, are the least optimistic in the country about whether their community is becoming a better place to live, according to a Gallup poll released Tuesday. The Binghamton region ranked dead last in terms of optimism, with 27.8 percent of residents expressing a positive feeling about the community’s direction in 2011. By contrast, Provo-Orem, Utah, led the list with 76 percent of residents expressing optimism.

#2 Most Obese Poll

#5 Most Depressed

Binghamton, New York! Overcast jungle where dreams are madeeee ooofff! If you’re top 5 in depression, fatness, and pessimism, you’ve gotta be the #1 overall worst city in America, right? And the funniest thing is that the majority of people I know who go to SUNY Binghamton act like it is fuckin Utopia. Like its paradise. Heaven on earth. I honestly think those kids are drugged or poisoned. Drinking some Binghamton cult kool aid. Because the proof is in the pudding, folks. Unreliable internet surveys prove you are the fattest, saddest city in America with zero potential for change. Worst place in America.