While most of you are sitting at home with your hand down your pants “working from home” the Blackout Dream Team is driving straight through Sandy’s fucking face to make it to Virginia in time to kick off the Blackout Tour Southern Invasion. You think Dante and Sales Guy and that psychopath Devlin give a fuck about 20 foot swells and gale force winds? For sure not. As a matter of fact I think the Blackout Tour and Hurricane Sandy have a lot in common. Both just ripping through the east coast blacking people out literally and figuratively. I can’t say for sure but if the Blackout Tour ever went to Jamaica people would probably end up homeless too.

The Southern Invasion starts Halloween Night at the Jefferson Theater in Virginia. 

From there we take it to the Ritz Theater at Disco Rodeo in Raleigh. If you don’t think a Fckin Foam show at a place called a “disco rodeo” isn’t gonna be a fucking BLAST you are outside of your mind.

And by the time we hit Wake Forest on November 8th the South may declare a State of Emergency because of Barstool.

Here are the Southern Invasion dates and venues:

10/31 – U of Virginia

11/2– Raleigh (Fckin Foam)

11/3 – Charlotte

11/6 – UNC

11/8 – Wake Forest

11/9 – High Point / Greensboro

11/10 – UNC Wilmington

11/14 – College of Charleston

11/15 – Coastal Carolina (Fckin Foam)

11/29 – Orlando

11/30 – Tampa

12/1 – Fort Lauderdale

Barstool Blackout – Fckin Foam – Providence from Barstool Blackout Tour on Vimeo.