FREMONT, Calif. (AP)Learning how to play tennis is hard enough. Now try it when you can’t see. That’s what students are doing at the California School for the Blind. They’re learning a form of tennis adapted for the visually impaired — and expanding the boundaries of what the blind can do. The state-supported campus in Fremont is one of three American schools for the blind that recently began teaching adapted tennis, which was invented in Japan in the 1980s. A nonprofit group called Tennis Serves is working to promote the sport throughout the U.S. ”I didn’t know someone with no vision could play tennis until I came to this school,” said a 16-year-old student from Modesto named Jonathan. The school declined to provide his last name, citing a state law that protects the privacy of students with disabilities. Blind tennis features a smaller court, lower net and junior tennis rackets with bigger heads and shorter handles. String is taped to the floor so players can feel the boundaries with their feet. Players use a foam ball filled with metal beads that rattle on impact, allowing them to locate the ball when it hits the ground or racket. Once served, they have to return the ball before it bounces three times. ”The most difficult thing to teach is timing their stroke,” said Sejal Vallabh, the 17-year-old founder of Tennis Serves. “Being able to listen to the ball, locate it using their sense of hearing and swing at the precise moment the ball goes by is really difficult to teach.”

Listen I know we’ve been down all day. But this is my apology. This will make up for the last 9 hours. I don’t care if your own mother is blind – if you can watch these blindos whacking a ball around a gym and not laugh there’s something wrong with you. Hey blindos you ain’t playing tennis! You’re playing fetch. Just chasing around a bouncy jingle ball like a buncha dogs at the park. And listen I know you guys can’t see but your serves straight up fucking suck. I don’t expect you to be lacing a 140 MPH Andy Roddick offering but some of the piss poor efforts you’re putting forth on your service is an embarrassment to blindos and the game of tennis as we know it. I could close my eyes right now and there’s no chance I’d hit the ball directly into the ground 2 feet in front of me.

All I’ll say is its a good thing you kids can’t see shit because if you got one look of the albino giving you lessons you’d run for the hills

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