(NEWSER) – Katniss Everdeen has nothing on this archer: South Korea’s Im Dong-Hyun already has two Olympic golds under his belt, and he’s been tapped as a favorite to win another in London, despite the fact that he’s legally blind, reports the Telegraph. The 26-year-old has 20/200 vision in his right eye, meaning he needs to be 10 times closer to something—say, an archery target—to see it as clearly as someone with perfect vision. His left eye isn’t much better at 20/100. But Im isn’t too keen on the attention his vision is getting. ”I don’t have a stick, I don’t have a blind dog,” Im said after a recent practice session. “It’s unpleasant when people say I’m disabled. All this interest in my sight is not welcome.” Im explains that his eyesight makes the colors of the target blend together, but that wearing glasses makes him feel less confident. Instead, he prefers to rely on his senses and ability to spot bright colors when firing his arrows.

Great idea, Olympics. Lets give the blindo a fucking bow and arrow. Count me fucking OUT during that event. I’ll be watching the Tiger Moms screaming and the underage boy/girl Chinese gymnasts. No chance I wanna sit in the crowd with a blinder firing medieval weapons off. Its like fucking pin the tail on the donkey except with projectile weapons. Just twirl this motherfucker around, point him in the right direction, and let it rip. Seems real safe.

But you know what? I actually love this blindo. He’s cocky as fuck. “Wearing glasses makes him feel less confident.” “I don’t have a stick. I don’t have a blind dog.” How could you not love that? Dude is like “glasses are for fags! Sticks are for pussies! Fuck it! I’ll do it live! I’d rather be blind than look like a square! I’m Im Dong fucking Hyun! The blindest gold medalist you’ve ever fucking seen!”

PS – If I was fully blind, I would be FURIOUS with “legally blind” people talking about how hard shit is for them. Fuck you! You’re 20/200 I’m 20/infinity. Quit crying.